Eunsun Choi

Eunsun Choi is a multidisciplinary and conceptual artist based in Seattle, New York and Seoul.

She is a graduate of the Hunter College MFA program. She is currrently pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Washington, Seattle in the DXARTS. 


Touch Grass
Cukoo, Puckuck
Voice of God
God Bless You
Bad Luck Washer
I Feel An Earthquake Everyday
I Pray To Be Unhappy Everyday
Champagne Shaking Device
Air Freshener
Happy Ending Massage

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God Bless You ( 2021 ~ )

A story written by GPT 2,  Speaker, Text to speech in Amazon polly, Arduino nano, PIR sensor,  Dfplayer, Ceramic, Tissue

God bless you.

Once upon a time, an unknown virus discovered life and spread to the planet which we know of only in DNA. This was done by blurring the lines of DNA from extinct species to create strange offspring.

This took out of the ordinary life of a little boy, and did not let him go a single step without it. The boy could now see that he had found his fortune.

One day the boy saw a little bird flying out of his bedroom window and hacking at the window with its beak. This was the message that he should relay to his mother.

The boy did not know what this meant, but he knew it would be better to share the secret with her.

Eventually, he called his mom and said:

"Mom, I found a little bird. It flew off to a remote part of the island where nobody knew about it.

Mom said: ‘It is a stately bird,’ and they showed that they were wise.

The boy said : Oh! I realized that the message is that the virus should not be applied to the skin of the cat, but to the rat. The cat shed get very sick, and woe betide you.”

The boy sat down at the kitchen table with her, and told her to scrub some germs from the floor. She did as he said and some of the germs on the floor became balled up like rags.

Then she put some of the rags in a basket, and some into a box, and some into a chest, and some into a pillow, and some into a pair of boots.

A few days later, a mysterious cat showed up who knew what was going on.

When the boy learned from the cat that he had been infected with the plague, he became even more worried. The cat began to cry. 

He asked not only where the plague came from, but also how it had been transmitted. He was walking towards his house when he felt something fall on his head. 

It was a yellow fever, and as he turned to look, there it was laid upon the ground. He took it to his mother, and said:

“Mother, I have been infected by the plague. If you go to the house of the plague and don't come back, I will die.”

That night, the boy told his mother that he had felt very weak and achy, and he had hardly slept until he heard a voice speak to him from above.

Next day, a rat came hopping up to the door. And The rat asked him if he have any symptom. 

He mentioned that he had a headache, but the rat did not tell him. A little while later, the same rat came back to the house. 

The rat said : “Now I’ll tell you what,” 

The boy said : “Don’t worry about me,”.

The rat said : “I will take you to the kitchen to cook some food for you.”

So the rat went to the kitchen to cook food for the boy, and left the boy to finish the job for the rat.  

When the food was ready, He mentioned that he had felt nauseous. The rat asked him what do you want to do tomorrow.  

The boy said : “I’d like to visit such a place where I can learn about the world outside.”  

The boy did not know where he was going, but he was determined to find the cause of the disaster.  

He walked over the river and along the path. He had already wandered through the forest, and not far from the river he came to a wide grassy moor.

There he found a wide grassy moor house, where he was sure that he will die.

Inside, he found a room with a sumptuous feast and some refreshments. He felt the ground was shacking, and he expected that some evil spirit had come along.

When the snow had almost entirely disappeared, the boy had disappeared.

The virus took out of existence. It looked like a large yellow flower and spread to the surrounding land.

Over the coming weeks, it replaced the flowers with its own peculiar scent, making them seem to have sprung from nowhere.

The sun was shining again.

-Written by GPT2-
                                                         -Edited by Eunsun-