Eunsun Choi

Eunsun Choi is a multidisciplinary and conceptual artist based in Seattle, New York and Seoul.

She is a graduate of the Hunter College MFA program. She is currrently pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Washington, Seattle in the DXARTS. 


Touch Grass
Cukoo, Puckuck
Voice of God
God Bless You
Bad Luck Washer
I Feel An Earthquake Everyday
I Pray To Be Unhappy Everyday
Champagne Shaking Device
Air Freshener
Happy Ending Massage

//Jeju Island Artist Collective//

Work in Progress

In summer, In winter


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Bad Luck Washer ( 2021 ) 
Collaboration with the artist Kyungjin Kim

Red Bean, Motor, Motion detector, Arduino, Metal, Wood

It was made with red beans. Through the lens of Korean culture, it symbolizes an object that cleanses you and drives bad things out of one’s system ( bad fortune, ghosts, illness, etc). Traditionally, at every end or beginning of the new year, Koreans eat a red bean porridge to cleanse themselves and to wish good luck for the upcoming year. “Bad Luck Washer” imitates a car washing machine and spins when a person passes by, activated by an attached Arduino and PIR motion detector.