Eunsun Choi

Eunsun Choi is a multidisciplinary and conceptual artist based in Seattle, New York and Seoul.

She is a graduate of the Hunter College MFA program. She is currrently pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Washington, Seattle in the DXARTS. 


Touch Grass
Cukoo, Puckuck
Voice of God
God Bless You
Bad Luck Washer
I Feel An Earthquake Everyday
I Pray To Be Unhappy Everyday
Champagne Shaking Device
Air Freshener
Happy Ending Massage

//Jeju Island Artist Collective//

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In summer, In winter


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Air Freshener ( 2013 )

Wax, Mp3 player, Sound

In the air freshener advertisement, providing to real people around the world that its freshness can transform the air so people can breathe happy 'no matter what.’ It is odd that humans create scents of nature and convince us to think these will solve our issues. I believe that people are just forced to use or buy their products instead. Also, since advertisements are so convincing, people believe what they see on the screen as well. It makes them want to believe what they watch.
By watching the air freshener advertisement, I came up with an idea that I would like to make something refreshing and relaxing but by using a different theory. I modified the product by eliminating the scent completely but adding the sound effect of air freshener only. I played songs with the same song titles as refresher scent names: country garden, hawaiian aloha, brazilian canaval, winter, ocean wave, and rain. I wanted to experiment that if human beings respond by scents, is it possible for them to respond to the sound and get the same result.